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February 4, 2018

There have been many changes at the school over the past month and a half.  Most of it has been out of our control.  It is due to this that the classroom location changed to the cafeteria, and the Kindergarten class has been separate from Elementary.  We are waiting for approval from insurance to complete the repairs needed from the burst pipe.  I do hope it is approved soon so that we can attempt to get back to our “new normal”.  My priorities have been to make sure that education is not disrupted in any way for all three of our programs.  Of course with Ms. Amanda leaving our UPK program and Ms. Heather moving into this room to help that program, that has affected Elementary and the children in Kindergarten.  I apologize for this and welcome any feedback from parents and teachers alike to try to best serve our program.  Without a doubt the changes to our school since the holiday break have been my biggest challenge since I took over as Head of School 4 years ago.  I thank you all for your patience as the school navigates through this change.


That being said, I wanted to keep people informed of all of our upcoming events through the end of the year.  Here are the dates to take note of:


February 14- Friendship day.  In keeping in the spirit of Montessori the children will create beads that they will then distribute to all the children in the Kindergarten and Elementary classroom.  We will have “friendship” activities and games on this day.  It is not necessary at all to bring in any Valentines Day cards for the teachers or children, and we also do not need any food or snacks for this event.  Given food allergies and families preferences around sweets, the school will provide all that we need for this event.


February 16- Field trip.  This was scheduled as a field trip to the Skaneateles YMCA although we have not been able to confirm this.  If we do not go to the YMCA we will be taking some sort of “winter themed” field trip this day.


February 19-23- February break


March 8- Field trip to a maple syrup farm


March 16- No School- Staff Development Day


March 21- Annual Bowl a Thon Fund raiser


March 30- No School- Good Friday


April 4- Dairy Farm Field Trip


April 17- Field Trip- Beaver Lake


April 18- Spring Play (Elementary) Greek Mythology 5pm at the School


April 23-27- April School Vacation


May 11- Muffins for Mom at the school


May 16- Spring Concert


May 24- Field Trip- The Wild


May 27 (Sunday) Majorpalooza downtown Auburn (Ukulele Event)


June 2- Spring Campout (We were trying for Green Lakes State Park if I can get a group rate, If not maybe Highland Forest or again at the school)


June 7- Fossil Hunt


June 8- End of the Year Picnic


June 15- Last Day of School, Graduation, Stepping up Ceremony (Kindergarten)


June 16- First Annual Finger Lakes Montessori School Music and Arts Festival


Once again, thank you for continuing to support the school.  If anyone has interest in helping with scheduling or setting up any of these events coming up, or if there are thoughts about other exciting opportunities our children can participate in, please get in touch with me at the school or through the Remind app.


Mr. Paul






September 18, 2017

It is Back To School Time!


Welcome to the Elementary program! This year’s thematic unit will be the First Timeline of Man. We will study early man and technological advances through the ages allowing man to populate the Earth. We will learn about the challenges of the Fundamental Needs of People, and the development of technology to overcome those challenges.


As part of the culture studies, we will be focusing on Asian and African people, and will be examining the influences of religions and local traditions of those continents. This will include the spread of Islam and the influence of Islam in the world then and now. We will be exploring foods, music, landscapes, and animals found on the continents of Asia and Africa.


In Peace Education we will learn about peaceful resolution of conflict as we proceed through our Character Education program.


Your child will be developing 4 albums with their work in math, language, science, and history/culture.  Most returning students already have these in the class and will continue to build on these as they remain in the Elementary Program. Feel free to stop in to review your child’s work at any time.  These albums will be in the classroom.

Children will meet with me weekly to develop their work plans. They will use their individual journals or their albums to record their work and plan future studies in areas of their interest.  Some of the work plan will be teacher directed and some of the work plan will be student choice and will be selectable from a list of work that the child has already been introduced to and he/she wishes to continue building competence in.

In order to progress through the program, a child will need to demonstrate competence in an area, to be sure that they fully understand before moving on. I will be developing portfolios for each child including photos of work completed, work plans, and an assessment form. These will always be available for viewing by a parent by making an appointment to meet with me.





Here is a list of supplies that your child will need:

4 heavy duty binders 1.5inches.  (I would like them to have the following colors but they can choose differently if they would like):  Red-math/geometry, yellow-langugage arts/literature/writing/spelling, Blue- Geography/History, Green-Science/Biology

A personal organizer notebook.  I would suggest the Mead Five Star Hybrid Note Binders.  It has subject dividers and pockets as well as a three ring binder.  The children will be able to keep their work organized if they are carrying this book to and from school, as well as organize their work in it all day, so something creative that they can use would be great.  The children can customize this or have a design that they like.  Some have closures on them to keep the contents from falling out.

Single subject wide ruled notebooks or comprehension books. For K and 1st graders, these comprehension books should be “Primary” which have larger lines, and a dotted centerline for early writers. Loose-leaf paper, (wide ruled reinforced preferred). For K and 1st graders, this should also be “Primary” paper (although I have never seen reinforced primary paper. It usually comes in a tablet.)

Graph paper (graph ruled reinforced preferred), a geometry kit, sketch pads, colored pencils (prang or something of similar quality, some colored pencils do not sharpen well and frustrate a child), pencils (I personally prefer Ticonderoga based on how well they sharpen and stay sharp), dry erase markers, crayons, paints, erasers, a pencil sharpener, scissors, glue sticks.

In the class the child should wear slippers or soft shoes that do not go anywhere but in the class.  They should wear comfortable clothing that they will not mind sitting on the floor in. They should have a pair of sneakers for the gym, and a change of cloths in their cubbies.  Please also be sure that your child will be prepared for indoor and outdoor activities. We will be outside as much as possible. When it starts getting colder, they will need coat, hats, gloves, snow pants, boots.

The children may bring their own placemat for meals or they can borrow one from the school.  Food should be contained in lunch boxes and eaten as part of meal/snack routine.  Please avoid sugar in snacks.

Feel free to contact me at the school if you have any questions.


Mr. Paul