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You are about to explore a school that is devoted to the philosophy and the didactics of Maria Montessori. We opened our doors in 1981 and celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2011! After 14 years of offering preschool for three to five year old students, another multi-age class for 6 to 9 year-old students was added in 1996, and finally a third expansion for 9 to 12 year-old students was achieved in 2000. We have an active and very supportive parent/school community.Parents are incorporated into the daily life of their child’s academics to create a partnership of support for each student. Together we enjoy and share the never ending process and “work” of personal growth.

The curriculum celebrates the evolution of a student and nurtures enthusiasm and respect. The use of the hand and the “cosmic” use of imagination engage the whole child. We have been honored to introduce over 800 students in the past 29 years to the great wonders of the world. We amaze the children every year with such great questions as, “How do we happen to have fossils of semi-tropical ocean creatures under our feet”? Observation of life’s miracles such as the discovery of macroinvertebrates in a drop of pond water, cross pollination of an amaryllis and the resulting swelling of the ovary, and the magic of metamorphosis keeps the wonder alive every minute in everyone, students and teachers alike!



If you are already enrolled in a Montessori school anywhere in the world, be it Sydney, Australia, or Tokyo, Japan, you will find the same equipment and the same approach to the child. Understanding, love, and wonder are the same no matter where you live in the world. Together we work for global peace by educating the potential for understanding in each student in all Montessori Schools throughout the world.
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