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A Night at the Montessori Elementary Campout

Here is where you can sign up for the campout- Please indicate what food you are going to bring, and what activity you will bring to the campout. Please also indicate how many in your family will be attending. Thanks! Mr. Paul


  1. We will bring stuff for smores! Ashton and either Mitchell or I will be attending. Most likely not both of us because of Jaxton

  2. Lania, Vona, Steve, and I will be attending the camp out. However, we will likely not stay over night. We will bring corn on the cob and a case of water.

  3. The Cesario’s will be attending (3-4 of us…unsure). We will bring a salad for dinner, apples and a case of water. I am thinking yard games for out activity.

  4. Hunter, Wes, MJ and I will be there for the evening. Hunter will be camping out with the Brabant’s. We will bring hot dogs, buns and brownies. Sorry so late:/

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